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  • Cyber Banging– You can’t be serious…
  • Cyber Banging is a play on the hood slang word “Gang Banging”, which has recently become a topic worth discussing according to WGN Chicago reporter Gaynor Hall.  And I must say up front how I totally disagree with her definition of Cyber Banging.  More recently we are starting to hear of another phrase called “Cyber Bullying”.  This is where a kid feels intimidated or teased so bad that it drives them to the point of depression that could even lead to suicide.  Now I don’t want to sound like I have absolutely no compassion for the little people but haven’t we all gone through a few bully experiences ourselves?  What about “Biff the lunch money bully”?  I do admit that Cyber Space can sometimes be intimidating but I also believe that it pales in comparison to what most inner city kids have to face on a daily basis.  Growing up in the hood, it wasn’t so hard for me to do my own bullying with two brothers named “Fred and Stinker”.  Those brothers got me into more trouble (or visa-versa) than a blog allows me to admit.  The truth of the matter is that we all got bullied at some point and when in numbers we did the bullying.  Those with the muscle, money, or elite skills are usually the ones that come out on top.  Isn’t that just how life is?

    Ok, so what about Cyber Banging?  While I think we haven’t actually settled on a true definition, I’d like to put some context around the term Cyber Banging.  Cyber Banging CAN NOT and MUST NOT ever be  defined as a bunch of uneducated fools throwing gang signs, and proving they have lunch money for the week.  No, No, No dammit I’m not going to sit back and let the media give these wanna-be’s a new forum to take over.  Cyber Banging should be reserved for the underground organizations that perpetrate Cyber Crime activity.

    • Cyber Banging is when 70 Romanian hackers can victimize hundreds of Ebay customers with fraudulent schemes to sell fake or non-existent goods such as laptops, Rolex watches, luxury cars, yachts, and airplanes.
    • Cyber Banging is when Russian Cyber Gangsters can steal millions of dollars by hacking into thousands of computers to obtain credit card data.
    • Cyber Banging is when one of Texas’ largest electricity providers, according to a confidential e-mail obtained by News KPRC Local 2 explains, that a “single IP address in China” tried 4,800 times to log in to the Lower Colorado River Authority’s computer system.
    • Cyber Banging is when Michelle Bachmann, R-Minn., during a rally with Sarah Palin suggested that the United States should be prepared to respond to a cyber attack with a nuclear strike!  Whoooaaa, now THAT is Cyber Banging even the 5th Ward Ghetto Boyz wish they could have come up with that one back in the day.

    Make no mistake, Cyber Banging is just as dangerous as Gang Banging.  Like any other crime syndicate, mess with their money or mock their political views and they may seek revenge through via denial of service, website defacement or even death threats.  However, I guess my point with this entire post is that if Banging is about making money, taking from the weak, earning your place on the planet as the biggest and baddest mo’ fo’ in cyber space then inner city gangs deserve no spotlight in the world of Cyber Crime.   They simply don’t yield enough gross domestic products, at least not in Cyber Space.


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