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    Sometime in the distant future, I can see myself telling some young kid about the good ole days when all we ever had to worry about was some computer worm over-loading our corporate network, perhaps disrupting the Airlines schedule or an occasional ‘cracker’ defacing a clients website for giggles and grins, and ‘yeap it was all on my watch’.  I would continue to explain how I even remember the days when hackers were boys and viruses were feared by men and way back in 2011 a weapon of bits and bytes was unleashed raising cyber attacks to a whole ‘nother level!

    Imagine just for a moment, a weapon stealthier than a B2 Bomber, cheaper than a chemical weapon, faster than a speeding bullet, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, NO FOOL it’s STUXNET!

    Stuxnet the best malware ever!

    • 1)  first reported in mid-June 2010 by VirusBlokAda, a little-known security firm based in Belarus

      2)  Contained some 20 computer exploits with at least 4 never before seen (aka 0-days)

      3)  Actively targeted Windows PCs that managed large-scale industrial-control systems in manufacturing and utility firms or SCADA

      4)  Code seem legitimate because the code contained at least two signed digital certificates

      5)  The author(s) would have needed the actual physical hardware for testing

      6)  Evidence points to a group of hired hackers possibly supported by a nation state

    How does it work?

    WATCH: The Anatomy of a Computer Virus

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    There may be many reasons (good or bad) why a country would like to create a nuclear weapon. Some say each country has a right to protect itself.  Unfortunately, their enemy may see it as a precursor for future attacks.   Wouldn’t any formidable opponent want to possess a weapon so powerful that is could deter the biggest and baddest bully in town? That point may not be difficult to understand, however, why would someone want to create a cyber-weapon? Well for the moment let’s ignore the cool factor and look at it from this perspective:

    From:Kevin G. Coleman a Senior Fellow and Strategic Management Consultant with the Technolytics Institute

    Hmmm sooo, for as little as $300 bucks and I can own a weapon even my enemy can’t stop?   “Sure it’s great that it was apparently friendly sources that created Stuxnet, but I’m sure the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and many other nations and groups are doing the same kind of crap against us as well“, says my unnamed conspiracy theory buddy.

    With little to no press, President Barack Obama has signed executive orders that lay out how far military commanders can go in using cyberattacks and other computer-based operations against enemies and as part of routine espionage in other countries. – says the Associated Press

    As an example, the new White House guidelines would allow the military to transmit computer code to another country’s network to test the route and make sure connections work — much like using satellites to take pictures of a location to scout out missile sites or other military capabilities.The digital code would be passive and could not include a virus or worm that could be triggered to do harm at a later date. But if the U.S. ever got involved in a conflict with that country, the code would have mapped out a path for any offensive cyberattack to take, if approved by the president.

    So will you volunteer to be the first on the FRONT LINE OF CYBER WAR DEFENSE?


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