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    After procrastinating for many weeks on whether or not to purchase the NexusOne, it was finally time to upgrade my Blackberry 8330.  I am so glad I waited because the new HTC Android Incredible is absolutely no less than that – “INCREDIBLE”.

    One of the first downloads I searched the Android Market for was those applications related to security.  I think I may have found a really useful one to play around with and it is called The Network Mapper by Ian Hawkins.

    Network Mapper is a very fast scanner for a Network Administrator or mischievous Hacker to scan a corporate network.  It can export scan results as a CSV file and send it directly from the Android to your Gmail account. Network Mapper also includes a portscanner and a MAC vendor database to identify NIC manufacturers. It can also detect firewalled stealthy computers..

    The cost to download is a whopping $1.50 USD.



    Check out this video and see for yourself.

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