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Printer Hacking on OSX with PRET  (Printer Exploitation Toolkit)
  • Printer Hacking on OSX with PRET (Printer Exploitation Toolkit)
  • Sources: Ruhr University Bochum and  Catalin Cimpanu

    PRET is a new tool for printer security testing developed in the scope of a Master’s Thesis at Ruhr University Bochum. It connects to a device via network or USB and exploits the features of a given printer language. Currently PostScript, PJL and PCL are supported which are spoken […]

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Video: Industrial Control and Building Automation at Risk
SSL Beast – SSL Assessments and How to Fix
RunForestRun PLESK Panel Hack
XSS Attack – Busting Browsers to Root!
Cyberwar: The Next Front Line
Nothing but NET!
  • Nothing but NET!
  • Pass Policy…
    Over Regulations…
    Through Vulnerabilities…
    Nothing but NETwork!
    As I sit here watching the 2011 NBA Slam Dunk contest, I can’t figure out which story on Monday will be better.  Blake Griffin jumping over a car for a slam dunk OR HBGary getting hacked by the WikiLeaks Supporter group called ‘Anonymous’.  Like others have said, “it is […]

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Add XSSF to Metasploit Framework on Ubuntu
Pen Testing Through the Tor Network
Collecting Android DNA through Leaky Wireless Packets
Obfuscated SQL Injection
The China States of America
Android Network Scanner for WiFi Hacking
  • Android Network Scanner for WiFi Hacking
  • After procrastinating for many weeks on whether or not to purchase the NexusOne, it was finally time to upgrade my Blackberry 8330. I am so glad I waited because the new HTC Android Incredible is absolutely no less than that – “INCREDIBLE”.

    One of the first downloads I searched the Android Market for was those applications related to security. I think I may have found a really useful one to play around with and it is called The Network Mapper by Ian Hawkins. CLICK TO CONTINUE…

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Cyber Banging– You can’t be serious…
  • Cyber Banging– You can’t be serious…
  • Cyber Banging is a play on the hood slang word “Gang Banging”, which has recently become a topic worth discussing according to WGN Chicago reporter Gaynor Hall. And I must say up front how I totally disagree with her definition of Cyber Banging. More recently we are starting to hear of another phrase called “Cyber Bullying”. This is where a kid feels intimidated or teased so bad that it drives them to the point of depression that could even lead to suicide. Now I don’t want to sound like I have absolutely no compassion for the little people but haven’t we all gone through a few bully experiences ourselves? I do admit that Cyber Space can sometimes be intimidating but I also believe that it pales in comparison to what most inner city kids have to face on a daily basis. Those with the muscle, money, or elite skills are usually the ones that come out on top. CLICK TO READ MORE…

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SCAM ALERT: Canadian Health & Care Mall – Email Fraud
Malicious E-mails with Urgent Request for Money
  • Malicious E-mails with Urgent Request for Money
  • If you receive an email with the subject line “Sad news.. urgent“, please do not respond, take action or click any links within this message. The e-mail will appear to come from someone you know stating that they are traveling and all their money was stolen. The attacker will plead for you to send X amount of funds through Western Union money transfer. The message is a classic “social engineering attack.” Depending on your action, it could result in the compromise of your personal information, lost of nonrefundable money and/or leakage of company confidential data.


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